Welcome to the virtual home of Chakra Shala!

Chakra – Sanskrit word for wheel or turning.

Shala – An ancient Sumerian Goddess of grain and compassion.

Chakra Shala was created with the intent of creating Circles & Gatherings (Red Tents) within the local community. I also create teas of beautiful organic herbs known as tisanes that not only taste amazing but are also beneficial for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Chakra Shala’s Circles and Gatherings are facilitated to give you, The Wild Woman the opportunity to help yourself heal, learn and grow whilst feeling safe and supported by others. Here we can share our ideas, crafts, drink lots of tea and exchange our thoughts without judgment. Chakra Shala’s Circles are non denominational and all women passed Menarche are welcome.

“The Red Tent or Moon Lodge was a place where women would traditionally gather to meditate, consult oracles, share their monthly experiences and channel their wisdom for themselves, each other and the wider community.” – Tanishka

At a Women’s Circle you may find us practising and learning yoga, moon lore, natural plant, herbal and food medicines, creating ceremony, chakra healing & dancing, drumming, craft making, natural body care, tea drinking, Ayurvedic healing and so much more…..If you would like to get involved as a presenter or have a skill to share with us please get in touch! Sharing is caring!

Chakra Shala’s Herbal Tisanes, aka Shala Tea.

I use only the finest organic herbs, flowers and teas in Shala Tea’s organic loose leaf tea blends. To add to the gentle healing benefits of these teas I infuse all of my blends with the essence of rose quartz and plenty of love!

You will find me at local markets and events sampling and selling the Tea’s alongside Sustainable Womens products and books. Markets create a great opportunity for me to share my absolute love of tea with you and of course are a great place to spread the word on upcoming circles and gatherings!

I also facilitate ChakradanceTM, using dance as a form of exploration and healing. For further information on Chakradance classes and retreats being held near you please visit www.chakradance.com.au or contact me here!

I am dedicated to sharing alternative news, inspirational stories and personal thoughts that relate to healing our mind, body and soul so please stay connected through Facebook, my blog here at WordPress and via email!

Facebook Page – Chakra Shala – link at top!

Email – jenna.chakrashala@gmail.com

I am based in the Batemans Bay area on the south coast of NSW 2536

I really look forward to meeting you! : ) –  be it at one of these beautiful circles, online, a local market or a gathering, but until then…….

Blessings to you!

Jenna x

“When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move”

– Chinese Proverb

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