Smiling from the inside out

If you are a personal friend of mine on Facebook you may have read my post from yesterday?……If not then I shall relay in more depth what it was all about.

I, like many have been walking on a path of healing these past few years. My main healing being focused on my teeth. Born in the UK with dental health far from the concerns of the many, once I reached an age where I would no longer be supported by the government who removed all assistance out of our hard earned paid taxes to provide dental care I avoided the costly dentist chair like the plaque : )

I spent most of my twenties travelling all corners of the globe. My hard earned and saved cash was used on planes, trains and hostels. Dental check ups were the last thing on my mind! I only went to the dentist if the ache became so bad I couldn’t eat, talk or sleep and yes you guessed it the tooth then either had to be removed, deeply filled or given a root canal.

I have lost many teeth in my 34 years, the reason initially being my mouth was simply too small for them all. I had four of the back molars removed at a very young age. This was followed on by the removal of several more to assist with straightening with a brace. Another two have been lost to a couple of ruthless dentists who preferred to ‘whip em out’ rather than save them. One tooth had been pulled out so badly, the root had been left in the jawbone! Again I researched the alternatives to the dentist suggestion of harsh surgery to remove the root and learnt about absorption by the body (jaw). I chose to let my body deal with this disaster, I meditated, gave myself reiki, used crystals and colloidal silver to promote a healing. Suffice to say my body did a wonderful job and I have had no problems or surgery at all! And finally my wisdom teeth just had no room to stay, so yes out they came too!

So to cut a now longer than expected story short here is the post from yesterday:

Almost 2 years ago during a long overdue visit to the dentist I was told I needed 4 fillings and a root canal, The root canal and one filling had to be done asap and was done almost there and then. However with a general fear and distrust of the dentist and a lack of funds the remaining 3 fillings would just have to wait….Me being me got straight into researching the alternatives to the impending dentist drill…..After downloading and absorbing the book cure tooth decay by Ramiel Nagel and reading other various alternative dental reports I set about following a rather strict and if at times unbearable diet (liver anyone???) I cut out my addiction to porridge ASAP, cut back on sugar, grains, fruit juicing and took vitamin d, calcium, magnesium and various omega oils religiously….This diet I have stuck to if at times a little loosely for the past two years…..Today I visited the dentist, and left with a big smile and no fillings, that’s right no fillings where required at all!! I have indeed managed to remineralise my teeth and fend off the drill, So there you go I am proof that it is possible to repair damage done to your teeth!

My journey is long from over and I will continue to follow the diet so as to keep my teeth healthy. I am now researching into the use of Xylitol (Birch) to help continue with my healing journey. I am also aware of and proactively working on my long standing issue with indecisiveness! (Louise Hay – You can heal your life)

This healing has inspired me to wanting to share my experiments, thoughts and findings with others. Yesterdays dental visit has indeed been my motivation to start blogging on what I feel is so very important. This being:

To take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

To ask questions and research what you have been told to take medicinally by Doctors and other health professionals and consider the alternatives. – Do you really need to contribute to the impending disaster of antibiotic resistance?

To seek an unbiased holistic alternative treatment opinion and option by a trained Alternative Therapist.

To listen to and work with your own body and intuition.

To find your own truths and own your right to knowing how to heal your body in the way that is best for you.

I am certainly not denying the fact that western medicine has created and discovered some amazing diagnostic tools and surgical procedures to help ‘see’ our dis-eases, fix broken bones and bodies etc. However I feel we as humans still have such along way to go on realising, accepting and actioning the importance of prevention rather than cure. I stand by and walk my talk on the points listed above.

I hope by blogging I can help you to realise and trust in your ability to heal yourself naturally………

Namaste x



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