It’s been a while……………

The reason for my absence?….. I have been neck deep in the study of Anatomy and Physiology, preparing for an exam, which is now thankfully done – sigh of relief! (Only 5 Exams more to go!)

Rewind!…….Back in September I decided to refresh and update my qualification in Herbalism. So I went back to college to study Naturopathy. At 34 this was is little daunting I admit, but I have to say my mind is coping well, my memory is improving and I’m really quite enjoying the course! I believe that in this line of work there is always an opportunity to learn something new (The universe tends to bombard me in fact with such opportunities!). We now have access to some fantastic research into the use of herbs and nutrition (Thank you www.) and I believe the minds of many are opening to the fact that food is medicine and herbs are a wonderful supplement to feeling great and getting better!

From a very young age I had a fascination with all things magical and mystical. I spent many summer days concocting wonderful herbal back yard remedies, collecting leaves, flowers and twigs from the fields around our house. I wold nurse ‘injured’ daddy long legs (Spiders) back to health in my make shift garden hospital, ensuring food, nutrition, ‘medicine’ and shelter were provided. These little creatures would rest in the little sanctuary I provided for them before scuttling off ‘happy’, ‘rested’ & ‘healed’. : )

Growing up I also had may fair share of injuries, hormonal issues and exam stresses and I too found relief many times in natural care and herbal supplements.

I came to trust in the healing powers of nature very early on in my life and with the whole hearted support of my family who encouraged this love of all things natural, I took off on a lifelong journey to discover everything I possibly could on alternative remedies, healing and lifestyle.

At the age of 20 I was lucky to be given the opportunity to become an apprentice Herbalist in a small family run business in Brighton, England near my home town. I spent a good few happy years learning, advising, mixing and encapsulating herbal remedies. This was my dream job and the work I undertook here totally confirmed my love of all things herbal!

Over the years I continued to gain experience and knowledge by working in health food stores, running my own health business and of course taking regular short courses in the healing arts to keep my qualification up to date. I have since studied Indian head massage, Thai massage, NIA Technique and Reiki 1&2. More recently I have also completed my training to facilitate Chakradance Workshops and have had the wonderful opportunity of sharing this practise here in Albury with some beautiful like minded people. : )

The reason for all this learning? Well I guess you never know when someone is going to need your help to heal, and something you have learnt along the way may well be exactly what the person needs to help them on their journey.        

Its as simple as that really, I do it for the service of myself and for the service of others.

I look forward to walking with many (maybe you?) on our paths of healing. Sharing, learning, loving and laughing every single step of the way………….

Blessings to you!

Jenna x

Image – Lil’ Herbalist Jenna in the making! Credit – Carol Barden





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