Meaning & Purpose – My Story Part 2

The last few months have been rather ‘health’ challenging. In more of a mental way than any other…..

It all began with a semi diagnosis a few months ago, I say semi because without cutting me open they (Doctors) say they can’t be 100% certain. No way hossaaay I say! As I’m sure you already know that’s really not my style. And anyhow I know that my body does not need that kind of invading, soul wrecking intervention when I am already intuitively certain that is exactly what the problem is. The fact is I known for a long time. It’s just that I have tried to Ignore it. I suppose I’ve been too afraid of the long healing journey that I know will be required to fix this thing. Most of my life so far it has just been a hell of a lot easier to just cover it up by swallowing pills and pain relief. However there comes a time when you just cannot and will not do that anymore.

That time came.

Things got bad, The slope became slippery and It was easy for me to rack up the consumption of 16 – 20 pain reliefs in 48 hours, and we all know the box says no more than 6 in 24! You do the maths. The pain wasn’t ‘normal’ anymore. Despite the general notion that most girls feel that ‘pain’ at that time on the month, Rolling around in agony unable to leave the bathroom, nausea, vomiting and wishing your insides where outside is not normal.

I have known it for quite some time, I would dare say since my early 20’s in fact that something wasn’t right. At that time the doctors would to write a script for the pill….. there, there that will make you feel better. And that was it, yes the pain went away. The problem did not. Thank you for the plaster doctor but the wound is still there.

So what is this ‘pain’ that I talk about? Well it’s not talked about enough as far as I am concerned, Why? Well the female menstrual cycle is still a relatively taboo subject, its just girls stuff, no one needs to hear. We don’t announce that we are on that time of the month and it hurts like hell as easily as we announce that we have a migraine and feel sick. It’s just not said! And so when we do suffer, we mostly suffer in silence or drug ourselves numb with painkillers so that we can get on with our work/lives and be ‘normal’ and ignore the fact that something may in actual fact not be right on the inside.

Even I have not wished to talk about ‘my problem’ with friends or family. I guess I have not wanted them to worry. It’s far kinder/easier to say “yes I’m happy & healthy” than “well actually I have endometriosis (endo). Yes I can have surgery to help, I’m lucky its only once a month, yes it’s probably why I don’t have kids as yet, yes its true they say there is no cure” etc etc blah blah blah……

Well there you go now its out in the open. This is why you don’t see me for dust for 5 days around every new moon : (

However it’s not all bad : )

Through my learning in The University of this Thing called Life I have been inspired by so many on their healing journeys and I have noticed that one thing is commonly shared. It seems to be that when you have an dis-ease it somehow has a meaning and a purpose in your life.

And so now I have to ask myself that very question, What does having this dis-ease mean to me?

Well I can tell you some of what I have figured out……

Since the acceptance of this dis-ease in my life, It has meant that I have had to change the way I eat (and I mean no slacking because boy if you do you will pay for it when that time of the month comes round!) So for me its anti inflammatory foods only thank you. This means absolutely no gluten, no diary, no sugar and no red meats. (What is left to eat I hear you ask! Well imagination is a fine thing to behold!) I also choose to buy and eat only the best fruit,veg,poultry and fish for both myself and hubby. This means organic and free range whenever possible.

This also means its time for some serious Healing….well in my last post I let you in on my big ‘heal your teeth’ triumph. That lesson gave me faith in my healing self and I will push on ahead past this dis-ease and stand up to the fact that I am more than capable of healing myself once again.

So far many months of Chiropractic care means I can sleep better, this will surely help by giving my body more time to recover?! Acupuncture anyone? Well its been almost 3 months now of to many to count on two hands worth of needles and Chinese Herbs, and yes I’m finally beginning to feel the difference. The saying is one month of healing for every year of dis-ease…..So yes its gonna take a bit of time, but time I have : ) Through my blog I will of course update you on progress and also any new therapies I may try!

And finally, as for its purpose?

I feel that this dis-ease is part of my life for a reason and a purpose. Right now I am seeking to find ways in which I can help myself, as naturally as possible of course. I wish to be a role model to other girls showing them that there are certain things you can do to help yourself when a healing is required. I wish to promote healing with food, leading a healthy lifestyle such a regular yoga practise and using alternative medicines to assist with healing. I hope to one day educate and encourage girls to speak up when they have a feeling that things are not right. I wish to encourage others to believe in healing themselves naturally and to understand that the doctors word should not always be taken as gospel. There are always alternatives my lovelies.

So knowledge is power?…. Here are a few ‘facts’ from Endometriosis Australia:

It effects 1 in 10 women and over 176 million women suffer worldwide. There is a delay in diagnosis of 7-10 years. (The pill is used to ‘normalise’ the issue – as in my case) It is vital that diagnosis be made early on as this can help reduce long term problems. There is no cure.         (I believe otherwise! : ))

Source –

And here is very interesting article on alternative healing for endo…….

And how about a recent trial to show how TCM can improve symptoms?……

So there is hope. (despite western medical beliefs : ))

Mind, Body and Spirit, I know if we work together we can beat this. We can heal and return to optimum health. So be it that through this healing we shall learn all that is needed so that we can go on to help others to heal, feel bright, sparkly and renewed.

Blessed be my lovelies xx


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