The Healing Journey – Part 1


So, why so long since the last post? Its just that this healing malarkey takes time and energy. A lot of time has been used up simply processing what I have learnt about myself and my current situation health wise and then of course there’s all the time spent moving forward. Lets not forget it takes time to – appreciate a good healing herbal tea – devour plate fulls of amazingly good healthy food – discover how to make awesome gf giner nut chews and how to use coconut in well, just about everything!

I had been semi diagnosed with Endometriosis back in October, Since this ‘diagnosis’ I have quite literally filled all of my time learning about this disease and many other hormone related diseases and what causes them, how to manage them and even how to eridicate them!

Interestingly enough lack of progesterone, over oestrogen, BPA found in plastics, hormones added to food, dioxin and the consumption of Inflammatory causing foods (such as gluten, diary, red meat and sugar) seem to be a recurrent theme of possible cause in many of the hormone related diseases I have now researched…….

So I jumped on the train to healing myself, to me it didn’t matter if this diagnosis was indeed 100% correct at this time, my hormones where out of whack that much I knew! What I also knew then was something was not right inside, the pain I experienced then was not normal. I felt like I needed alot of healing inside, so I set about focusing on hormone rebalancing and deep inner past life work.

I have been stupidly busy with many sessions of Chiropratic (Awesome, never felt straighter! Thank you Dr Janine Adams) and Acupuncture (yes lots of needles but strangely relaxing) and I have ingested many Chinese Herbs too (These taste pretty interesting, but boy is my chi happy now) Western Herbs (Shala tea plug hear, lol) and eating pleny of super nutritional meals (Pete Evans you are an inspiration, and if you happen to be visiting Batemans Bay then I highly recommend Against The Grain Paleo Cafe)

I have also given myself fully to Shamanic Healing and Holistic Kinesiology and attended a lovely Womens retreat. Even a little fortune telling has been undertaken! Of course all therapies where undertaken full heartedly with the aim of trying to understand what went wrong in there and what it is that my body wished for me to know and lastly how I exactly could I help myself to get back on track, feel tip top and totally awesome again?!

It has been 8 months now since that first semi diagnosis and you may wonder how I feel after all this self love intensive therapy?…..what I can tell you is I feel lighter, healthier, my skin is clear and my chi is certainly moving better! My diet is so so much better now, I cut out sugar, gluten, red meat and diary (I truely thought I knew what I was doing ‘diet’ wise before this big journey – just goes to show you are ALWAYS learning!.) I have also spent alot of time on the inner me, a beautful weekend away at The Seven Sisters Festival really grounded me (put it on your bucket list Ladies!) The weekend connected me with some beautiful sisters of a kind and also helped me to release a few blocks to say the least! Lastly many outpourings of my deepest darkest self (Bless my darling hubby for the ear and shoulder to cry on!) An at home hypnosis recording and a wonderful shamanic healing session wth Jaqi has cleared alot of out of date and stagnant energy and to be honest after all this, I’m feeling pretty flippin’ fantastic and very clear energetically!

This all sounds so positive (and it is mostly) but there is a flip side……..That semi diagnosis I mentioned?….Well I only have one more sleep left until that diagnosis is confimed, changed or wiped clean completely. Yes its D Day.

My Laproscopy date is here. Holy crap, quite literally, I’ve been on the pico prep all day and if you dont know much about this then thats probably a good thing, All I’m going to share with you is, the toilet needs to be close, real close! *( Oh and Dad yes you are right on the mark, I’m starting to agree its makes for an amazing distraction from the impending surgery!

One things for sure, I certainly don’t go into these things lightly, I like to try all the alternatives first and believe me I have spent months reducing my symptoms. However I always knew that to get that true diagnosis I would have to turn to the marvels of western medical diagnostic surgery!

And so here we are, waiting…..drinking lots of clear fluids, starving hungry (no food for 24hrs pre surgery) and waiting a little more! ohhh and calling the folks for moral support! Thanks Mum & Dad you’re awesome! xx So I have meditated, hypnotised myself silly and got down on my knees praying to the Goddess’ for a good outcome from all this……!!

What more can I do? All thats left to say now I guess is – wish me luck?! 🙂

Jenna xx


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