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My Healing Journey Continued…………..

Hello Lovelies,

Its been a while now, almost five weeks in fact since I wrote last. Understandably post op I’ve been taking life a little easy, Im happy as I’ve healed well and spent some time quality reflecting on my journey……

So lets get on with it, here is a quick run down of how it all went!………

My last post was written during the the Pico Prep stage, yuck, gross, never ever again. I spent all night the night before AWAKE. Pooping though the eye of a needle and feeling like I had the worse bout of food poisoning, which would of been nice, in a way, because at least that would of meant I would of actually eaten something over the last 24 hours!

Once my stomach had finally settled itself to quiet, my alarm went off 😦 Good morning 5:30 am Albury.

The sunrise was at least absolutely beautiful xx

On arrival at the hospital I had all the usual admittance procedures, many, many questions, many, many times by many, many different people! I then had a little freak out about the anaesthetic and then I waited, waited and waited some more……..

Finally 3 hours later and I was in surgery staring at a huge disc that looked alarmingly like a UFO… Eventually the lovely anaesthetist announced he was ‘just going to put the good stuff in………’ and bam I’m out. Easy.

I came round quick in recovery, didn’t feel sick (got the top end anaesthetic : )) and when I was asked about what I usually did for pain relief, I innocently replied yoga, but perhaps I should refrain from doing it in here, especially with this cape on : ) Well the post care Nurses warmed to me instantly (I was well looked after from here on!). I was in top form, sitting up, drinking, eating, chatting and making jokes. It seems they  installed the humour brain chip whilst I was under!?…….

The trip home was a little rough, note to self, 6 hours is a stupidly LONG drive when you have been cut into around the belly -seat belts, uneven road suffices and roundabouts, absolute killer. – Oh praise to the hubby darling here, halfed the trip with an overnight stay in Bungendore, what a beautiful, caring, and gentle soul you are xx

Once home it was no go for a good 5 days, small bathroom trips and walks round the garden. I had stocked up on all the super healing vitamins and herbs, healing hypnotherapy and frozen home made meals. If you are having this procedure done yourself check out my must have pre/post op list below!

Felt pretty good by day 6, then had my stitches out, yyyyeeeewwwwweeeee. Rewind. This put me back a few days! I was hobbling around again, bent over feeling like my insides might fall out. Back to resting for another 4 days!

I wasn’t given any useful information pre op about what to do post op, even wound care advice was nil. (A pamphlet would be nice as you are a little out of it post surgery to remember anything even if it was mentioned!). All in all 10 days was my recovery time. I have read so many different stories about when you should be ay-ok. The given advice is take a week off. From all my research and personal experience take 2! Take it day by day at least, the more you rest the quicker you will heal.

So in conclusion, was it worth it? I had moments in recovery where I though jeez what have I done to my poor body, but for the relief it has given and for piece of mind of that all is well inside, I am glad I did it.

My diagnosis? Endometriosis stage one (this doesn’t affect pain levels, it can be worse or not on a stage one or stage five). What this meant was, what was there was easily removed and not too much surgery was required to do this. Phew! No other problems to report. This is always the biggest fear, going in for one thing – finding, or worse coming out with another!

I really do believe that changing my diet (no gluten, sugar and diary) and persisting with Acupuncture, herbs and supplements has really helped. I can’t say if it has reduced it or just kept it at bay. All I can say is that I’m glad I listened to what my body wanted me to do and that for now I’m Endo free! Lets keep it that way baby!! : )

Ok suggestions list, should you ever need it:*

Pre surgery:

1.Cook up some lovely nutritious meals and freeze! Include some bland ones for the first few days, bone broth, root veggie soup etc – Your stomach will be fragile thanks to the pico prep and anaesthetic.

2. Buy a nighty, one just like your Grandma wears : ) – you won’t want anything hugging your belly for few days post op, ensure you have a warm dressing gown and slip on slippers.(Bending over to put slippers on, hmmm no go)

3. Pack a day bag few days before, and add or take away items as you do more internet research and read blogs just like this one lol!

4. Research and buy some healing teas and supplements. I personally found the following helped to speed my recovery: A Zinc combo, with Zinc, Vitamin A and magnesium. Vitamin C in high stomach friendly dose. Vitamin E. A good Probiotic. Nettle Tea and Peppermint Tea (Great for the gas, start drinking asap after op)

5. Stock up on wound care items. Non stick bandages, tape, cotton pads and buds. I left my bandages on until the stitches came out (They were in super tight). I then cleaned twice daily with colloidal silver. I also took colloidal silver internally for 2 weeks. (One of my cupboard must haves! – Be sure to research this one!)

Post Surgery:

1. For before and immediately post surgery I had on hand Arnica30x and Schuessler tissue salts – Stomach Upset Comb.S (The bruising is intense and thankfully I didn’t get any queasiness partly due to the type of anaesthetic I was given and I believed partly due to taking the salts)

2. For the drive home have a pillow ready in the car, a nice soft squishy one to help keep the seat belt of your belly, and a blanket. Plus a sick bag, just incase * )

3. Don’t plan anything for a week, give yourself time to heal, take longer if required. I felt frustrated at the modern approach of you will be ok after a few days its only minor surgery. It’s still surgery. It’s invasive and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you will feel a bit crap and pretty sore for a good few days : (.

4. Move around a little. It helps move out the left over gas and can prevent the shoulder pain. I luckily escaped having to deal with this excruciating pain. I just felt a little ache in the shoulders and had a crazy swollen belly. Thank you peppermint tea. I drank bucket loads asap after surgery!

5. Hypnotherapy. I believe in positive thought. I believe it works in all areas of your life. I opted for a hypnotherapy phone app Healing Hypnosis by Darren Marks. It was worth every cent. Hypnotherapy took me out of my moments of fear and despair and helped me sleep. I listened to it every night before bed pre and post surgery.

So there you have it. My journey with this is done. I will continue to keep this disease at bay the best I can through diet and by using alternative therapies. I’m feeling good. I feel happy that I have managed to blend Holistic with Modern, received the outcomes I desired and feel soooo much better for the journey I have been on. If you are embarking on a similar journey yourself, or any journey of healing, I wish you all the very best. Prepare yourself by questioning everyone and researching everything and most of all follow your intuition and stay positive x

Blessings to you, Jen x

*Advice should always be sought from your practitioner(s) before taking any herbs/supplements as some can affect surgery and pre existing conditions. The suggestions and information given here is for interest purposes only. Do your research on each of my suggestions and trust your inner self : )

** Image by Listers


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