About me

Little Herbalist Jenna in the making : )

I have danced around the world, under the sun, the moon, at dusk and at dawn in search of all that is to be, could be and should be! In this time I have gathered over 15 years’ of experience in Holistic and Life practice, and realised all I could ever need is right here in my very own heart…………

My foundation and apprenticeship is in Clinical Herbalism, I was lucky to study under the guidance of a wonderful Herbalist in the UK at the tender young age of 19, following on with more formal college education in the field. In line with Continuing Professional Development I have since undertaken many other courses of interest and have since qualified in Reiki 1&2, Indian Head and Thai Massage and as a Chakradance Facilitator. I am also a Red Tent Facilitator, mentored by the beautiful Tanishka from The Star of Ishtar.

I am an Associate IICT member with full practitioner insurance.

I, like many others have spent time walking my own path of healing and I am at present managing Endometriosis through natural healing and alternative methods. I hope that though my work within circle and by sharing my knowledge of the women’s mysteries I can inspire other women to take charge of their health and healing. I have created a range of beautiful healing organic herbal tisanes and teas and supply women’s products such as eco pads, moon cups, books and jewellery to assist in our journeys of health and healing.

I look forward to one day meeting with you, dancing with you on your journey, and sharing the magic that just is……

Blessings to you,

Jenna x


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