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My Healing Journey Continued…………..

Hello Lovelies,

Its been a while now, almost five weeks in fact since I wrote last. Understandably post op I’ve been taking life a little easy, Im happy as I’ve healed well and spent some time quality reflecting on my journey……

So lets get on with it, here is a quick run down of how it all went!………

My last post was written during the the Pico Prep stage, yuck, gross, never ever again. I spent all night the night before AWAKE. Pooping though the eye of a needle and feeling like I had the worse bout of food poisoning, which would of been nice, in a way, because at least that would of meant I would of actually eaten something over the last 24 hours!

Once my stomach had finally settled itself to quiet, my alarm went off ūüė¶¬†Good morning 5:30 am Albury.

The sunrise was at least absolutely beautiful xx

On arrival at the hospital I had all the usual admittance procedures, many, many questions, many, many times by many, many different people! I then had a little freak out about the anaesthetic and then I waited, waited and waited some more……..

Finally 3 hours later and I was in surgery staring at a huge disc that looked alarmingly like a UFO… Eventually the lovely anaesthetist announced he was ‘just going to put the good stuff in………’ and bam I’m out. Easy.

I came round quick in recovery, didn’t feel sick (got the top end anaesthetic : )) and when I was asked about what I usually did for pain relief, I innocently replied yoga, but perhaps I should refrain from doing it in here, especially with this cape on : ) Well the post care Nurses warmed to me instantly (I was well looked after from here on!). I was in top form, sitting up, drinking, eating, chatting and making jokes.¬†It seems they ¬†installed the humour brain chip whilst I was under!?…….

The trip home was a little rough, note to self, 6 hours is a stupidly LONG drive when you have been cut into around the belly -seat belts, uneven road suffices and roundabouts, absolute killer. – Oh praise to the hubby darling here, halfed the trip with an overnight stay in Bungendore, what a beautiful, caring, and gentle soul you are xx

Once home it was no go for a good 5 days, small bathroom trips and walks round the garden. I had stocked up on all the super healing vitamins and herbs, healing hypnotherapy and frozen home made meals. If you are having this procedure done yourself check out my must have pre/post op list below!

Felt pretty good by day 6, then had my stitches out, yyyyeeeewwwwweeeee. Rewind. This put me back a few days! I was hobbling around again, bent over feeling like my insides might fall out. Back to resting for another 4 days!

I wasn’t given any useful information pre op about what to do post op, even wound care advice was nil. (A pamphlet would be nice as you are a little out of it post surgery to remember anything even if it was mentioned!). All in all 10 days was my recovery time. I have read so many different stories about when you should be ay-ok. The given advice is take a week off. From all my research and personal experience take 2! Take it day by day at least, the more you rest the quicker you will heal.

So in conclusion, was it worth it? I had moments in recovery where I though jeez what have I done to my poor body, but for the relief it has given and for piece of mind of that all is well inside, I am glad I did it.

My diagnosis? Endometriosis stage one (this doesn’t affect pain levels, it can be worse or not on a stage one or stage five). What this meant was, what was there was easily removed and not too much surgery was required to do this. Phew! No other problems to report. This is always the biggest fear, going in for one thing – finding, or worse coming out with another!

I really do believe that changing my diet (no gluten, sugar and diary) and persisting with Acupuncture, herbs and supplements has really helped. I can’t say if it has reduced it or just kept it at bay. All I can say is that I’m glad I listened to what my body wanted me to do and that for now I’m Endo free! Lets keep it that way baby!! : )

Ok suggestions list, should you ever need it:*

Pre surgery:

1.Cook up some lovely nutritious meals and freeze! Include some bland ones for the first few days, bone broth, root veggie soup etc – Your stomach will be fragile thanks to the pico prep and anaesthetic.

2. Buy a nighty, one just like your Grandma wears : ) – you won’t want anything hugging your belly for few days post op, ensure you have a warm dressing gown and slip on slippers.(Bending over to put slippers on, hmmm no go)

3. Pack a day bag few days before, and add or take away items as you do more internet research and read blogs just like this one lol!

4. Research and buy some healing teas and supplements. I personally found the following helped to speed my recovery: A Zinc combo, with Zinc, Vitamin A and magnesium. Vitamin C in high stomach friendly dose. Vitamin E. A good Probiotic. Nettle Tea and Peppermint Tea (Great for the gas, start drinking asap after op)

5. Stock up on wound care items. Non stick bandages, tape, cotton pads and buds. I left my bandages on until the stitches came out (They were in super tight). I then cleaned twice daily with colloidal silver. I also took colloidal silver internally for 2 weeks. (One of my cupboard must haves! – Be sure to research this one!)

Post Surgery:

1. For before and immediately post surgery I had on hand Arnica30x and Schuessler tissue salts – Stomach Upset Comb.S¬†(The bruising is intense and thankfully I didn’t get any queasiness partly due to the type of anaesthetic I was given and I believed partly due to taking the salts)

2. For the drive home have a pillow ready in the car, a nice soft squishy one to help keep the seat belt of your belly, and a blanket. Plus a sick bag, just incase * )

3. Don’t plan anything for a week, give yourself time to heal, take longer if required. I felt frustrated at the modern approach of you will be ok after a few days its only minor surgery. It’s still surgery. It’s invasive and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you will feel a bit crap and pretty sore for a good few days : (.

4. Move around a little. It helps move out the left over gas and can prevent the shoulder pain. I luckily escaped having to deal with this excruciating pain. I just felt a little ache in the shoulders and had a crazy swollen belly. Thank you peppermint tea. I drank bucket loads asap after surgery!

5. Hypnotherapy. I believe in positive thought. I believe it works in all areas of your life. I opted for a hypnotherapy phone app Healing Hypnosis by Darren Marks. It was worth every cent. Hypnotherapy took me out of my moments of fear and despair and helped me sleep. I listened to it every night before bed pre and post surgery.

So there you have it. My journey with this is done. I will continue to keep this disease at bay the best I can through diet and by using alternative therapies. I’m feeling good. I feel happy that I have managed to blend Holistic with Modern, received the outcomes I desired and feel soooo much better for the journey I have been on. If you are embarking on a similar journey yourself, or any journey of healing, I wish you all the very best. Prepare yourself by questioning everyone and researching everything and most of all follow your intuition and stay positive x

Blessings to you, Jen x

*Advice should always be sought from your practitioner(s) before taking any herbs/supplements as some can affect surgery and pre existing conditions. The suggestions and information given here is for interest purposes only. Do your research on each of my suggestions and trust your inner self : )

** Image by Listers


The Healing Journey – Part 1


So, why so long since the last post? Its just that this healing malarkey takes time and energy. A lot of time has been used up simply processing what I have learnt about myself and my current situation health wise and then of course there’s all the time spent moving forward. Lets not forget it takes time to – appreciate a good healing herbal tea – devour plate fulls of amazingly good healthy food – discover how to make awesome gf giner nut chews and how to use coconut in well, just about everything!

I had been semi diagnosed with Endometriosis back in October, Since this ‘diagnosis’ I have quite literally filled all of my time learning about this disease and many other hormone related diseases and what causes them, how to manage them and even how to eridicate them!

Interestingly enough lack of progesterone, over oestrogen, BPA found¬†in plastics, hormones added to food, dioxin and the consumption of Inflammatory causing foods (such as gluten, diary, red meat and sugar) seem to be a recurrent theme of possible cause in many of the hormone related diseases I have now researched…….

So I jumped on the train to healing myself, to me it didn’t matter if this diagnosis was indeed 100% correct at this time, my hormones where out of whack that much I knew! What I also knew then was something was not right inside, the pain I experienced then was not normal. I felt like I needed alot of healing inside, so I set about focusing on hormone rebalancing and deep inner past life work.

I have been stupidly busy with many sessions of Chiropratic (Awesome, never felt straighter! Thank you Dr Janine Adams) and Acupuncture (yes lots of needles but strangely relaxing) and I have ingested many Chinese Herbs too (These taste pretty interesting, but boy is my chi happy now) Western Herbs (Shala tea plug hear, lol) and eating pleny of super nutritional meals (Pete Evans you are an inspiration, and if you happen to be visiting Batemans Bay then I highly recommend Against The Grain Paleo Cafe)

I have also given myself fully to Shamanic Healing and Holistic Kinesiology and attended a lovely Womens retreat. Even a little fortune telling has been undertaken! Of course all therapies where undertaken full heartedly with the aim of trying to understand what went wrong in there and what it is that my body wished for me to know and lastly how I exactly could I help myself to get back on track, feel tip top and totally awesome again?!

It has been 8 months now since that first semi diagnosis and you may wonder how I feel after all this self love intensive therapy?…..what I can tell you is I feel lighter, healthier, my skin is clear and my chi is certainly moving better! My diet is so so much better now, I cut out sugar, gluten, red meat and diary (I truely thought I knew what I was doing ‘diet’ wise before this big journey – just goes to show you are ALWAYS learning!.) I have also spent alot of time on the inner me, a beautful weekend away at The¬†Seven Sisters Festival¬†really grounded me (put it on your bucket list Ladies!) The weekend connected me with some beautiful sisters of a kind and also helped me to release a few blocks to say the least! Lastly many outpourings of my deepest darkest self (Bless my darling hubby for the ear and shoulder to cry on!) An at home hypnosis recording and a wonderful shamanic healing session wth Jaqi has cleared alot of out of date and stagnant energy and to be honest after all this, I’m feeling pretty flippin’ fantastic and very clear energetically!

This all sounds so positive (and it is mostly) but there is a flip side……..That semi diagnosis I mentioned?….Well I only have one more sleep left until that diagnosis is confimed, changed or wiped clean completely. Yes its D Day.

My Laproscopy date is here. Holy crap, quite literally, I’ve been on the pico prep all day and if you dont know much about this then thats probably a good thing, All I’m going to share with you is, the toilet needs to be close, real close! *( Oh and Dad yes you are right on the mark, I’m starting to agree its makes for an amazing distraction from the impending surgery!

One things for sure, I certainly don’t go into these things lightly, I like to try all the alternatives first and believe me I have spent months reducing my symptoms. However I always knew that to get that true diagnosis I would have to turn to the marvels of western medical diagnostic surgery!

And so here we are, waiting…..drinking lots of clear fluids, starving hungry (no food for 24hrs pre surgery) and waiting a little more! ohhh and calling the folks for moral support! Thanks Mum & Dad you’re awesome! xx So I have meditated, hypnotised myself silly and got down on my knees praying to the Goddess’ for a good outcome from all this……!!

What more can I do? All thats left to say now I guess is – wish me luck?! ūüôā

Jenna xx

Meaning & Purpose – My Story Part 2

The last few months have been rather ‘health’ challenging. In more of a mental way than any other…..

It all began with a semi diagnosis a few months ago, I say semi because without cutting me open they (Doctors) say they can’t be 100% certain. No way hossaaay I say! As I’m sure you already know that’s really not my style. And anyhow I know that my body does not need that kind of invading, soul wrecking¬†intervention when I am already intuitively certain that is exactly what the problem is. The fact is I known for a long time. It’s just that I have tried to Ignore it. I suppose I’ve been too afraid of the long healing journey that I know will be required to fix this thing. Most of my life so far it has just been a hell of a lot easier to just cover it up by swallowing pills and pain relief. However there comes a time when you just cannot and will not do that anymore.

That time came.

Things got bad, The slope became slippery and It was easy for me to rack up the consumption of 16 – 20 pain reliefs in 48 hours, and we all know the box says no more than 6 in 24! You do the maths. The pain wasn’t ‘normal’ anymore. Despite the general notion that most girls feel that ‘pain’ at that time on the month, Rolling around in agony unable to leave the bathroom, nausea, vomiting and wishing your insides where outside is not normal.

I have known it for quite some time, I would dare say since my early 20’s in fact that something wasn’t right. At that time the doctors would to write a script for the pill….. there, there that will make you feel better. And that was it, yes the pain went away. The problem did not. Thank you for the plaster doctor but the wound is still there.

So what is this ‘pain’ that I talk about? Well it’s not talked about enough as far as I am concerned, Why? Well the female menstrual cycle is still a relatively taboo subject, its just girls stuff, no one needs to hear. We don’t announce that we are on that time of the month and it hurts like hell as easily as we announce that we have a migraine and feel sick. It’s just not said! And so when we do suffer, we mostly suffer in silence or drug ourselves numb with painkillers so that we can get on with our work/lives and be ‘normal’ and ignore the fact that something may in actual fact not be right on the inside.

Even I have not wished to talk about ‘my problem’ with friends or family. I guess I have not wanted them to worry. It’s far kinder/easier to say “yes I’m happy & healthy” than “well actually I have endometriosis (endo). Yes I can have surgery to help, I’m lucky its only once a month, yes it’s probably why I don’t have kids as yet, yes its true they say there is no cure” etc etc blah blah blah……

Well there you go now its out in the open. This is why you don’t see me for dust for 5 days around every new moon : (

However it’s not all bad : )

Through my learning in The University of this Thing called Life I have been inspired by so many on their healing journeys and I have noticed that one thing is commonly shared. It seems to be that when you have an dis-ease it somehow has a meaning and a purpose in your life.

And so now I have to ask myself that very question, What does having this dis-ease mean to me?

Well I can tell you some of what I have figured out……

Since the acceptance of this dis-ease in my life, It has meant that I have had to change the way I eat (and I mean no slacking because boy if you do you will pay for it when that time of the month comes round!) So for me its anti inflammatory foods only thank you. This means absolutely no gluten, no diary, no sugar and no red meats. (What is left to eat I hear you ask! Well imagination is a fine thing to behold!) I also choose to buy and eat only the best fruit,veg,poultry and fish for both myself and hubby. This means organic and free range whenever possible.

This also means its time for some serious Healing….well in my last post I let you in on my big ‘heal your teeth’ triumph. That lesson gave me faith in my healing self and I will push on ahead past this dis-ease and stand up to the fact that I am more than capable of healing myself once again.

So far many months of Chiropractic care means I can sleep better, this will surely help by giving my body more time to recover?! Acupuncture anyone? Well its been almost 3 months now of to many to count on two hands worth of needles and Chinese Herbs, and yes I’m finally beginning to feel the difference. The saying is one month of healing for every year of dis-ease…..So yes its gonna take a bit of time, but time I have : ) Through my blog I will of course update you on progress and also any new therapies I may try!

And finally, as for its purpose?

I feel that this dis-ease is part of my life for a reason and a purpose. Right now I am seeking to find ways in which I can help myself, as naturally as possible of course. I wish to be a role model to other girls showing them that there are certain things you can do to help yourself when a healing is required. I wish to promote healing with food, leading a healthy lifestyle such a regular yoga practise and using alternative medicines to assist with healing. I hope to one day educate and encourage girls to speak up when they have a feeling that things are not right. I wish to encourage others to believe in healing themselves naturally and to understand that the doctors word should not always be taken as gospel. There are always alternatives my lovelies.

So knowledge is power?…. Here are a few ‘facts’ from Endometriosis Australia:

It effects 1 in 10 women and over 176 million women suffer worldwide. There is a delay in diagnosis of 7-10 years. (The pill is used to ‘normalise’ the issue – as in my case) It is vital that diagnosis be made early on as this can help reduce long term problems. There is no cure. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† (I believe otherwise! : ))

Source –

And here is very interesting article on alternative healing for endo…….

And how about a recent trial to show how TCM can improve symptoms?……

So there is hope. (despite western medical beliefs : ))

Mind, Body and Spirit, I know if we work together we can beat this. We can heal and return to optimum health. So be it that through this healing we shall learn all that is needed so that we can go on to help others to heal, feel bright, sparkly and renewed.

Blessed be my lovelies xx

It’s been a while……………

The reason for my absence?….. I have been neck deep in the study of Anatomy and Physiology, preparing for an exam, which is now thankfully done – sigh of relief! (Only 5 Exams more to go!)

Rewind!…….Back in September I decided to refresh and update my qualification in Herbalism. So I went back to college to study Naturopathy. At 34 this was is little daunting I admit, but I have to say my mind is coping well, my memory is improving and I’m really quite enjoying the course! I believe that in this line of work there is always an opportunity to learn something new (The universe tends to bombard me in fact with such opportunities!). We now have access to some fantastic research into the use of herbs and nutrition (Thank you www.) and I believe the minds of many are opening to the fact that food is medicine and herbs are a wonderful supplement to feeling great and getting better!

From a very young age I had a fascination with all things magical and mystical. I spent many summer days concocting wonderful herbal back yard remedies, collecting leaves, flowers and twigs from the fields around our house. I wold nurse ‘injured’ daddy long legs (Spiders) back to health in my make shift garden hospital, ensuring food, nutrition, ‘medicine’ and shelter were provided. These little creatures would rest in the little sanctuary I provided for them before scuttling off ‘happy’, ‘rested’ & ‘healed’. : )

Growing up I also had may fair share of injuries, hormonal issues and exam stresses and I too found relief many times in natural care and herbal supplements.

I came to trust in the healing powers of nature very early on in my life and with the whole hearted support of my family who encouraged this love of all things natural, I took off on a lifelong journey to discover everything I possibly could on alternative remedies, healing and lifestyle.

At the age of 20 I was lucky to be given the opportunity to become an apprentice Herbalist in a small family run business in Brighton, England near my home town. I spent a good few happy years learning, advising, mixing and encapsulating herbal remedies. This was my dream job and the work I undertook here totally confirmed my love of all things herbal!

Over the years I continued to gain experience and knowledge by working in health food stores, running my own health business and of course taking regular short courses in the healing arts to keep my qualification up to date. I have since studied Indian head massage, Thai massage, NIA Technique and Reiki 1&2. More recently I have also completed my training to facilitate Chakradance Workshops and have had the wonderful opportunity of sharing this practise here in Albury with some beautiful like minded people. : )

The reason for all this learning? Well I guess you never know when someone is going to need your help to heal, and something you have learnt along the way may well be exactly what the person needs to help them on their journey.        

Its as simple as that really, I do it for the service of myself and for the service of others.

I look forward to walking with many (maybe you?) on our paths of healing. Sharing, learning, loving and laughing every single step of the way………….

Blessings to you!

Jenna x

Image – Lil’ Herbalist Jenna in the making! Credit – Carol Barden




Smiling from the inside out

If you are a personal friend of mine on Facebook you may have read my post from yesterday?……If not then I shall relay in more depth what it was all about.

I, like many have been walking on a path of healing these past few years. My main healing being focused on my teeth. Born in the UK with dental health far from the concerns of the many, once I reached an age where I would no longer be supported by the government who removed all assistance out of our hard earned paid taxes to provide dental care I avoided the costly dentist chair like the plaque : )

I spent most of my twenties travelling all corners of the globe. My hard earned and saved cash was used on planes, trains and hostels. Dental check ups were the last thing on my mind! I only went to the dentist if the ache became so bad I couldn’t eat, talk or sleep and yes you guessed it the tooth then either had to be removed, deeply filled or given a root canal.

I have lost many teeth in my 34 years, the reason initially being my mouth was simply too small for them all. I had four of the back molars removed at a very young age. This was followed on by the removal of several more to assist with straightening with a brace. Another two have been lost to a couple of ruthless dentists who preferred to ‘whip em out’ rather than save them. One tooth had been pulled out so badly, the root had been left in the jawbone! Again I researched the alternatives to the dentist suggestion of harsh surgery to remove the root and learnt about absorption by the body (jaw). I chose to let my body deal with this disaster, I meditated, gave myself reiki, used crystals and colloidal silver to promote a healing. Suffice to say my body did a wonderful job and I have had no problems or surgery at all! And finally my wisdom teeth just had no room to stay, so yes out they came too!

So to cut a now longer than expected story short here is the post from yesterday:

Almost 2 years ago during a long overdue visit to the dentist I was told I needed 4 fillings and a root canal, The root canal and one filling had to be done asap and was done almost there and then. However with a general fear and distrust of the dentist and a lack of funds the remaining 3 fillings would just have to wait….Me being me got straight into researching the alternatives to the impending dentist drill…..After downloading and absorbing the book cure tooth decay by Ramiel Nagel¬†¬†and reading other various alternative dental reports I set about following a rather strict and if at times unbearable diet (liver anyone???) I cut out my addiction to porridge ASAP, cut back on sugar, grains, fruit juicing and took vitamin d, calcium, magnesium and various omega oils religiously….This diet I have stuck to if at times a little loosely for the past two years…..Today I visited the dentist, and left with a big smile and no fillings, that’s right no fillings where required at all!! I have indeed managed to remineralise my teeth and fend off the drill, So there you go I am proof that it is possible to repair damage done to your teeth!

My journey is long from over and I will continue to follow the diet so as to keep my teeth healthy. I am now researching into the use of Xylitol (Birch) to help continue with my healing journey. I am also aware of and proactively working on my long standing issue with indecisiveness! (Louise Hay РYou can heal your life)

This healing has inspired me to wanting to share my experiments, thoughts and findings with others. Yesterdays dental visit has indeed been my motivation to start blogging on what I feel is so very important. This being:

To take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

To ask questions and research what you have been told to take medicinally by Doctors and other health professionals and consider the alternatives. – Do you really need to contribute to the impending disaster of antibiotic resistance?

To seek an unbiased holistic alternative treatment opinion and option by a trained Alternative Therapist.

To listen to and work with your own body and intuition.

To find your own truths and own your right to knowing how to heal your body in the way that is best for you.

I am certainly not denying the fact that western medicine has created and discovered some amazing diagnostic tools and surgical procedures to help ‘see’ our dis-eases, fix broken bones and bodies etc. However I feel we as humans still have such along way to go on realising, accepting and actioning the importance of prevention rather than cure. I stand by and walk my talk on the points listed above.

I hope by blogging I can help you to realise and trust in your ability to heal yourself naturally………

Namaste x